Christ Church.  South Nutfield.

New to Church?

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New to Christianity?

Does God exist? What do Christians believe?


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Weddings and Baptisms


At Christ Church, we like doing weddings, and welcome you warmly to celebrate your marriage within the heart of this special community at Christ Church, South Nutfield.

We will help you plan and prepare not just for the ‘big day’, but also to have an enduring relationship, ‘Till death us do part’ as the vows put it.  

Can we get married at Christ Church?

Click here to find out more about whether you can get married at Christ Church and some of the legalities. Or contact our parish administrator to find out more and get the ball rolling.


We like doing baptisms or christenings too, to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. We will help you prepare for the commitment you are making to the Christian faith for yourself and for your child, and you will all be warmly welcomed as part of our Church Family.

Generally we undertake baptisms as part of our main Sunday services at 10:00am (often at our Family Service which is usually on the second Sunday of the month), as we feel it is important that the Church Family are present to welcome you and support you and your families and friends. We also endorse the principle that baptism is best undertaken in the Church where you live. If you have a strong connection with Christ Church but do not live in the parish, we will want to check with you how your child’s growth in faith will be supported, and with your local Church.

Contact our parish administrator to find out more. Lots of helpful supporting information is available at:

We also offer a service of Thanksgiving, for those who feel less sure about making the promises involved in Baptism, but would like to celebrate and thank God for their child’s birth.