Christ Church.  South Nutfield.

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Prayer at Christ Church

Prayer at Christ Church

We believe that prayer is a vital activity and that we can bring everything that concerns us - from the largest of world crises to the smallest of our personal worries - to a Heavenly Father who wants to hear from us. We believe that prayer can be practised in many ways: in silence or speech, at set times or throughout the day, as individuals or as groups, in formal church liturgy or in informal group gatherings. We believe that prayer changes things - and people.

What’s On

Prayer meetings

There is a meeting for prayer each Sunday morning 9.00-9.30am in the Thompson Room, followed by a simple breakfast.

There is an open meeting for prayer for the village, with local Christians from different church denominations, at 74 Trindles Road every Thursday at 10.00 am.

Members of the Prayer Ministry Team are always available after the Sunday service to pray with anyone who requests it, and a network forwards urgent prayer requests to them by phone or email at any time. To request prayer, please contact Veronica Hamilton on 01737 823616 or email